Thursday, January 13, 2011

Calling Home -- Jean Brandt

When the characters are introduced, it is not very detailed about who they are. It mainly is just their relationship to the main character, Jean. However, as the story goes on if I character plays a bigger role it gives more detail so the story can be understandable. Such as understanding what feeling were going on with Jean when she shoplifted. I did not know much about how her and her sisters relationship until she got to the point of getting in trouble. She said that she felt more comfortable with her sister there because she always got her out of trouble. Since it is a short essay there is no time to introduce every character and all the background. I only found more detail about them when the essay needed the information.
While Jean was in jail she had one phone call to her parents to tell then the bad news. When they talked about the situation, Jean’s mother was very upset. The key part to the conversation is when Jean’s mother told her that she was disappointed in her. After the phone call, Jean was in the jail cell thinking about the conversation and all the disappointment that she brought on to her mother.
When Jean said I put the pin in my jacket, my stomach did a little flip. I had no clue that this essay was going to turn in that direction. Also, when the man said that he was going to call the police I could not believe that they were going to take a thirteen year old to jail. During the conversation with Jean’s mother it seemed as if her mother was really upset with Jean. However, when Jean’s parents arrived they thought that the police had already given her enough punishment. By not giving her any punishment it relieved Jean from some of the shame that she was putting on herself.

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